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Dressing for the Interview

One of the key factors that will help you achieve success in getting that perfect job is the way you dress when you interview. Even if you are applying for a position in a warehouse, do not assume it is acceptable to dress in jeans and a sweatshirt. In fact, it is never acceptable to wear jeans to an interview unless the company tells you specifically that they are having a casual day on the day of your interview or that you will be in an area where jeans or other casual clothing would be more appropriate.

Although it is becoming more common for both men and women to dress in business casual clothing for interviews, you have to keep the type of position in mind when you dress. Always remember the saying taken from a book by the same name Dress for Success. What this means is dress according to the position for which you are applying. Although it may be appropriate to wear khakis and a casual top for a position as a customer service representative, when you are applying for a manager?s position you might want to wear at least a skirt and blouse for women and a suit for the men. Ladies may choose to substitute a pants suit for a skirt and blouse, especially in colder weather.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are dressing for an interview is to not wear anything that is going to draw attention to your clothes and away from you. You want the interviewer to keep his or her focus on you, so do not wear brightly colored clothing. Even if the position allows for jeans and a top wear something in a neutral tone. For men and women stay with colors such as black, navy, gray or brown for slacks and skirts and white or pastel tops. Ladies should also choose appropriate length skirts and not wear slacks that are tight or revealing.

In order to obtain your perfect job you have to look the part. It should go without saying but make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free. You want to give the interviewer the impression that you are serious about the job and not just looking for something to pass the time for a few months. First impressions are those that last and if you cannot impress the interviewer during your interview, you will not have a second chance.

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