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Conducting Yourself at the Interview

You have all the qualifications and you have great references, so why don?t you get the perfect job you so desire? It may be the way you conducted the interview that has prevented you from getting the job. Certainly many people become nervous at an interview but failing at the interview goes beyond just being nervous. In fact, there are things that some interviewees do that go beyond the scope of acceptable.

Do not smoke during or before the interview Although in today?s world, smoking during the interview is likely to be impossible unless you are outside, you also want to avoid smoking right before the interview and bringing the strong odor of smoke into the room. If you do smoke, have the courtesy to use breath spray or mints afterward. Nothing detracts from a conversation quicker than the smell of cigarette smoke.

Tu off your cell phone Under no conditions should you have your cell phone on during a job interview. Unless the interview process is extremely long, there is nothing that cannot wait until you are finished and then only an emergency might be acceptable such as an extremely sick child or a potential life and death situation with a family member.

Cell phones should only be in the silent mode and used as stated above for extreme emergencies. If possible, arrange with a family member or friend to take emergency calls and handle them while you are at a job interview.

Stay focused
Another mistake people make at interviews is failing to remain focused on the interview. Instead of maintaining eye contact with the interviewer they look around the room, look out the window, daydream or any other number of things including looking in a purse, making notes unrelated to the interview, playing with a cell phone and twiddling of thumbs. All of these show signs of boredom and will put you in a negative light when it comes to getting the perfect job?or any job as far as that goes.

Choose appropriate discussions

The interviewer may ask a few things about your personal life such as whether family issues will affect your job and the like but don?t discuss your husband or
boyfriend beyond those issues that directly relate to the job. The interviewer does not want to know that you?re getting ready to buy a new house or that your church is having a bazaar.

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